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The Anthropocene: New geologic epoch

Positive vision of the future: question is not when the Anthropocene began, but rather how will it proceed

"A positive vision of the future, accelerated decoupling, a view of nature as local and constantly changing, an embrace of complexity and pragmatism, and a role for the collective and the individual - these are the ingredients of a positive future, whether or not we call it the Anthropocene. Humans became world makers through a long process of sociocultural evolution. We have remade the world many times in the past and will likely do so many times in the future. The important question now is not when the Anthropocene began, but rather how will it proceed..."
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Producing biogas from solid waste

Singapore: A good example set by a local government to produce biogas from solid waste...

Singapore Co-Digests 40 tph Food Waste With Sludge To Yield More Biogas
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